New Tech Adoption Index Podcast: “There Must Be an App for That”

The Above the Cloud podcast is back this week with a new episode featuring Josh May, co-founder & CEO of POWr, a San Francisco based start-up that builds website plug ins for self-service website users, mostly small business owners.

Josh sees POWr’s role as helping SMBs make their sites more competitive with big businesses. Josh started his first business at 18. He has built POWr into a profitable business on a $100K seed round and a $40 marketing investment. Note there is no “K” after the 40.

The niche POWr fills has been created by the revolutionary evolution of the small business tool set enabling SMBs to do everything from payroll to point of sale using simple tools with data stored in the cloud. The site builder space, featuring players like Squarespace, Wix, WordPress and many others, is part of this wider trend.

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