New Tech Adoption Index Podcast: “Selling to SMBs is Hard” Featuring Ted Paff

The latest Tech Adoption Index podcast is a combination clinic and therapy session for anyone who has ever tried to build software products for small businesses. At the recent Tech Adoption Summit in San Francisco, Neal Polachek interviewed Ted Paff, a former VC turned entrepreneur who founded Customer Lobby in 2007 and sold it in 2017. Today, when Ted isn’t sharing war stories at conferences, he’s more likely to be found on a beach with his surfboard.

The original idea for Customer Lobby was to “digitize an ephemeral asset, which is customer goodwill.” In other words, helping SMBs generate customer reviews. Today, Customer Lobby, now an EverCommmerce company, uses AI to take an SMB’s customer data and analyze it for signals to do more effective marketing.

The 30-plus minute interview with Ted is a must listen for anyone who has built, is building, or hopes to build products for the small business market. Ted offers an extremely candid take on how many of his decisions look in hindsight.

Read the full story here.

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