New Tech Adoption Index Podcast: “No One Wants to Make the Wrong Decision”

Our latest episode of the Above the Cloud podcast series features an interview with Mark Canon, a longtime local search/SMB software exec who is currently chairman of Boomtime. Today when he isn’t creating art at his New Mexico studio Mark is thinking deeply about how to master B2B sales in an era where sales cycles keep getting longer.

I conducted this interview with Mark late in the day on November 7 at our Tech Adoption Summit event in San Francisco. What emerged from this roughly 30-minute conversation was a cogent diagnosis of what is wrong with B2B sales today and a roadmap for how to break out of it. Much of what Mark talks about in the interview has been applied to mid-market businesses, but he believes many of the lessons can be applied to smaller businesses. This podcast is a must for anyone who likes to geek out on sales methodology.

Read the full post here.

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