New Report Offers Recipe for Effective SEO for SMBs

Making a profit in small-business SEO is tough. So is delivering value to SMBs at low budget levels, particularly in competitive categories. The risk with lower budget SEO is that SMBs will spend money on tactics that won’t materially impact their businesses or may even do harm. Some contend it’s better to buy “SEO for Dummies” and go DIY, or just not bother at all.

A counter argument to this conventional wisdom is that with the right systems in place, SEO can be effective for SMBs, even on small budgets. Achieving this requires streamlined account management and content creation processes and keyword selection based on a strong data foundation. And finally, the right mix of SEO tactics.

A new free LSA report, “SEO for SMBs: What Really Works?” articulates how this approach to small business SEO can drive results on fairly modest budgets, ranging roughly from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. The report was commissioned by Boostability

The report breaks the issue down into three basic conversations. Here is the table of contents:

Boost TOC

The first is a exploration of the question, is there just one way to do SEO? The paper argues that while there is a finite set of available SEO tactics, these tactics often need to be deployed in different ways to be effective for SMBs.

The second element is an examination of specific SEO tactics that work for SMBs. These range from basic “on site” SEO, optimizing the SMBs digital presence for example, to “off site” SEO, otherwise known as link building. Link building tactics discussed in the paper include article engagement and creating custom content like guest blog posts.

And finally, the paper lists best practices for SEO for SMBs. These include crowdsourcing content, developing repeatable processes for content creation and focusing on keywords that smaller budget SMBs can rank with.

LSA and Boostability conducted a webinar on this topic in late June (you can view the webinar below). The new report is a companion piece to the webinar.


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