New Report: A Guide to Facebook Marketing for Multi-Location Brands

Even with recent data and political controversies, Facebook remains an incredibly useful tool for brands to communicate with their target audiences. And, despite recent algorithm changes that have made it difficult for brand’s ad content to show up in user’s News Feeds, there is still an abundance of ways to reach and engage with consumers on the platform, particularly on a local level.

It’s more important than ever for brands to have not only brand pages, but local pages that represent the various markets the brand serves. These local pages better serve the people within the various local communities, as they focus on content that’s relevant to them, as opposed to corporate brand messaging.

In fact, data shows that consumer engagement on Facebook Location Pages is higher than that of corporate Pages. Additionally, Facebook’s algorithm change revealed that they would start promoting relevant content that will generate more “meaningful” interactions.

A new report from LSA (commissioned by SOCi), “A Guide to Facebook Marketing for Multi-Location Brands,” explores into the importance of local Facebook Pages, the amplified engagement that’s generated from them, as well as the differences between corporate and location Pages.

Here’s the table of contents for the report:

SOCi Report TOC


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