New Endurance Integration Boosts SMB eCommerce

We’ve been saying for a while that the boundaries separating functional SaaS solutions will continue to blur. And this process will only accelerate. So it comes as no surprise that Endurance International Group property Constant Contact made some news yesterday along these lines.

But first, some context.

Constant Contact is probably best known for its lightweight, easy-to-use email platform. It led the market for years in helping SMBs leverage the benefits of email marketing. But as one of the former business leaders at Constant Contact — Eric Groves — has acknowledged, they were virtually blindsided by upstart MailChimp and lost customers and market share. 

Now operating as a business unit within Endurance, Constant Contact announced this week that it has completed an integration with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an SMB eCommerce platform that is part of Automattic which also operates WordPress.

By linking Constant Contact, WooCommerce, and WordPress, it is easy to imagine an SMB utilizing all three platforms to offer customers a more connected and integrated experience. This integration — and we suspect others are in the works — is yet another data point that affirms our expectation that logical integrations are the key to long-term SMB SaaS success. 

Luca Sechi – one of the many excellent speakers at the LSA’s recent LOCALOGY:ENGAGE event — said this in the announcement,”Creating a marketing strategy for e-commerce is not just about how to get more sales but also making the customer experience better, generating repeat business, creating brand awareness, and building lasting customer relationships  . . .”

The reference to customer experience in this quote lines up with our view that SMBs must raise their commitment to, and focus on, customer experience if they want to differentiate themselves from their local and national competitors.

This announcement is just one more example of what we call “downstreaming” – the movement of important customer-centric technology from the enterprise down to the local SMB market. We expect to see more downstreaming as SMBs seek simple, but powerful solutions that simultaneously improve their internal business processes and improve the quality of the experience they deliver to the customers down the street and around the world.

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