Nearly 1 in 4 SMBs Use Twitter for Advertising and Promotion

Small and medium-size businesses are increasingly using Twitter for advertising and promotion, according to the latest edition of BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor survey.

The survey, which tracks how SMB advertisers in the US are evolving their media usage to gain and retain customers, found that nearly 1 in 4 SMBs – or 24.3% – used Twitter for advertising and promotion. This is up from 22% of SMBs in 2012 and 16.1% in 2011.

Additionally, approximately one third of the SMBs surveyed rated Twitter’s return on investment as excellent (between 10-19 times spend) or extraordinary (more than 20x spend), as seen in the graph below. Comparatively, only 25% and 17.1% of SMBs in 2012 and 2011, respectively, rated their return on investment as excellent or extraordinary.

BIA’Kelsey’s survey also found that SMB increasingly believe that Facebook is worth their advertising investment. One-third of SMBs – 34.1% – perceived the return on investment on Facebook pages as excellent or extraordinary in 2013, compared to 29.4% in 2012 and 23.1% in 2011.

It’s fantastic to see that SMBs are increasingly catching on to social media’s marketing potential, but there is still a lot of work for local marketing partners to do in terms of educating SMBs on the audience and reach of social and other digital mediums, evaluating which marketing channels fit best, and helping them choose  the most effective ways to reach customers.

Check out more insights from the survey over at BIA/Kelsey’s Local Media Watch blog.

2 Responses to “Nearly 1 in 4 SMBs Use Twitter for Advertising and Promotion”

  1. Local Best says:

    Great article! I am now maing effective use of Social Networks so thanks!

  2. Wesley Young says:

    Thanks for your feedback! Glad to hear it’s effective for you.

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