MySpace and Citysearch Team Up on Local Search

Last week, MySpace and Citysearch announced the launch of MySpace Local, a joint online venture that will merge CitySearch’s local business listings and reviews into the MySpace social network.

Given the huge momentum behind online local search it’s not surprising to see established big-name online players like these jumping on the local search bandwagon.

Yellow Pages has been in the game over 100 years, but the CitySearch-MySpace collaboration is another sign that this business is changing – and fast.

One major question yet to be answered is: which businesses will win in this domain? Outside of bars and restaurants, it will be interesting to see what listing categories appeal to both consumers and advertisers within a social networking environment – particularly in light of the increased competition in the local online directory space.

One thing is for certain: strong new players in the local search space mean more competition for the Yellow Pages and more motivation to innovate and invest in online and mobile search.

2 Responses to “MySpace and Citysearch Team Up on Local Search”

  1. Dave Hucker says:

    Social media is an interesting space, but I have yet to see much value in it.

    Other than of course traffic to our blog and website from other marketers who are also dipping their toes in the twitter/myspace/facebook leveragesphere.

    Hey, I’m no stick in the mud. I’ll have a call measurement number dedicated to our myspace page….when I get around to it 🙂

  2. Neg Norton says:

    Dave, thanks for the visit—but don’t procrastinate too long on that CMS number!

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