Multiproduct Selling: It’s All in the Rep’s Bag


This just in from Kathy Roush, vice president of operations for YPA:

What does it really take to push multiproduct selling? Well, according to Chuck Lee, executive director of Internet Marketing for AT&T Advertising Solutions, Gayle Jones, director of strategy and business at The Berry Company, and Michael Taylor, business development of Kelsey Group … “It’s all in the rep’s bag.”

The “Moving Multiproduct Selling Beyond Bundles” presentation, moderated by Matt Booth from Kelsey Group, focused on how our business is generating leads and helping advertisers understand the multiple products available to them. This is done from transitioning the sales reps from transactional selling to consultative selling.

The good old days of selling one product – print – are over. The sales rep must now sell a variety of print and online products. Therefore, the sales reps job is very important because he or she must help the advertiser understand how the variety of yellow pages products fit with the other advertising choices available to the advertiser.

For the sales rep to be successful, he must be trained well and continue to be re-trained well. The sales rep must understand the multitude of products and the ROI associated with each. Offering the products that best fit the opportunity for leads will translate into more sales for the rep. Additionally, helping the advertiser build knowledge about the products available will build understanding and prevent buyer’s remorse.

In summary, the sales rep must have an understanding of the all the print and online products available. The sales rep must be assisted by a support team back at the office so that he or she can provide the ROI value to the customer. Being able to suggest ways to help the advertiser generate leads and turn those leads in to revenue is consultative selling and that is a win-win situation for all.

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