Motorcyclists Drive Yellow Pages Searches

One of the great things about Yellow Pages is the important role our search platforms play in helping consumers plan life events and locate industry-specific products and services. Whether it’s finding a local bridal shop or looking for the neighborhood plumber, Yellow Pages provides consumers with the trusted business information they need to make decisions about where to make their purchases. At the same time, Yellow Pages give businesses the added exposure they require to find new customers.

Each month, we like to highlight which headings are most popular with consumers during that point in the year. For example, in February, we partnered with the Society of American Florists to share data which showed that 85% of Yellow Pages’ shoppers who search the “florists” heading in Yellow Pages followed-up with a purchase, and that more than 40% of these shoppers will end up purchasing from a florist that they have not used before. That’s good news for local florists looking for new customers during Valentine’s Day season – as well as consumers interested in finding the best floral shops in town.

In April, one of the most popular Yellow Pages headings has to do with a favorite American pastime – motorcycling!  This month, owners across the country are dusting off their motorcycles and searching for dealers with the latest parts and accessories like helmets, jackets and boots. According to Pete terHerst, spokesperson for the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), April is prime-time for riders everywhere to shop for parts and riding gear.

While April, May and June are always particularly popular months for “dealers” searches, it was interesting to note that nearly half of consumers polled were looking for that local trusted shop as opposed to a larger chain or brand dealership. This is good news for our advertisers as the percentage of people looking at one or more ads – 73% – is notably higher than the all-heading average.

Take a look at our release for more information as well as tips from the AMA on how to have a safe and exhilarating riding season. Happy riding!

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