More SMBs Look to Social and Mobile for 2013

Local market research group, Borrell Associates, released a new report on SMB advertising plans for 2013, in it they predict local digital advertising spend in the US will reach $24.5 billion this year.

The report, ‘2013 Local Advertising Outlook: Get Ready for the Rebound’, shows that local digital ad spend is on track to increase 31% over last year with most of the focus going toward targeted display ads and paid search.


Social and mobile will be a big part of the local advertising mix in 2013 as well. According to the survey, Facebook is the number 1 online platform SMBs plan to place ads this year with nearly 3 out of 10 reporting those plans. Additionally, 75% of SMBs surveyed reported familiarity with mobile platforms in 2012 whereas only 40% were familiar in 2011.


Those surveyed were interested in exploring mobile coupons, text messages, and mobile optimized sites among other tactics. Interestingly, four out of ten of those surveyed said they’d never been pitched by a mobile firm, showing an opportunity for agencies in that space.

Click here for the full report.

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