‘Search Starts Here’: Mobile Offers and Loyalty in the Marketing Mix

This morning, we heard from three experts on emerging opportunities in local search – mobile offers and loyalty programs. Participants included Jeff Fagel, VP of Marketing & Brand Development at edo interactive; Christopher Folmar, Director of Mobile Development at SuperMedia; and Blair Sweeden, SVP of Strategy & Business Development at Placecast.

The panel identified two key requirements to building mobile offers or loyalty programs:

1)      Respecting Your Customer

It’s very easy for consumers to opt-out of mobile programs, so it’s imperative that businesses offer a value proposition with each offer. Offers should have enough value to give consumers a reason to return and they should be easy to understand and redeem. Offers should be as barrier-free as possible in order to offer value for customers.

2)      Track Your Results

To demonstrate ROI for businesses, programs must be able to tell businesses how many leads were generated. An easy way to track sales is through special QR codes, barcodes and coupon numbers for each offer: these help businesses track exactly how many target customers were converted. Another important factor is to ensure  programs can measure not only how many new customers are attracted, but if those customers continue to return and how much they spend over time.


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