Microhoo Changes Local Search Landscape for Small Biz

In this month’s Search Engine Land “Locals Only” column, I take a look at the impact the Microsoft and Yahoo! search alliance might have on local search.

With “Microhoo” official, the local search landscape for small business is changing – again. While Google maintains approximately 65 percent of the U.S. search market, the alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo make Microhoo, with Microsoft’s Bing search tool, the definitive No. 2 in the local search space.

For local search, implications include:

  • Local businesses will need to consider how they can optimize their content for both engines.
  • Making decisions about where to place Internet advertisements and sponsored key words will become more complicated.
  • Consumers may decide to visit multiple engines before buying.

The bottom line is that the local search space continues to evolve, and competition will mean new opportunities and new challenges. We must help our small business advertisers stay on top of these opportunities, because Yellow Pages representatives are one of the few personal contacts most of them have to understand the evolving local search space.

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