Melding of Technologies Makes for Great Local Search

My wife and I are remodeling our bathroom. This is a major undertaking that has spawned some “spirited” discussions.

We needed to purchase some mirrors and some light fixtures so I tirelessly searched the Web to get some ideas about what types of products existed and some ideas about price points.

My wife, on the other hand, picks up the Yellow Pages and finds a mirror shop that she says we should go visit. There weren’t many ads under that heading even though it receives 1.7 million annual references, but she found a place that she thought looked good.

We get in the car, me with my GPS and her with the Yellow Pages and we find the store. She is delighted with the suggestions made by the sales woman and even tells her that she is “happy now.”

We get back in the car and I say “let’s go look for light fixtures as long as we are already out.” This was a more developed heading that gets 7.4 million annual references. She looks in the Yellow Pages for a store, I program the GPS and we are off.

Altogether, a very efficient and rewarding shopping experience utilizing the Internet, Yellow Pages and the GPS. More importantly, this is not an uncommon way to conduct a local shopping trip when you haven’t been to the place of business before. After all, about three quarters of people who use the Internet use the print Yellow pages.

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