MatchCraft Offers Agencies Dynamic Optimization for Paid Search (Sponsored)


Digital marketers face a lot of opportunities, but along with those come tradeoffs.

In many traditional digital marketing and paid advertising setups, a campaign team will take a hands-on approach to managing every aspect of your Google or Bing paid advertising efforts. They will do it all, such as allocate ad budgets, keep a close eye on the pace, and constantly adjust the setup to maximize it for clicks and conversions.

Offhand, this doesn’t sound too bad. It may even be what you’re doing today. But we all know that humans can be prone to errors, caused by lack of time or skill…and the process is anything but efficient.

It takes a lot of time and complex calculations to manage a search display or social campaign. And with the fast pace of digital advertising—where things change by the day and by the hour and by the search engine or social media platform—how do you really know that you’re spending your ad dollars intelligently?

You don’t.

Let us do the thinking for you.

The key is to be able to create, manage and scale campaigns by the handfuls or by the thousands in an efficient and time effective manner and that is what our battle tested technology does.

Our proprietary algorithms have built-in features designed to maximize results of your ad spend, regardless of the size of your spend.

One of the biggest hurdles in deciding how to spend your money is deciding where to spend your money – Google or Bing?

But as we said before, let us do the thinking for you!

Our solution is called dynamic optimization, which is based on the principal of agnostic spending.

Our system automates the process of bid and budget management, alternating your ad spend between Google and Bing as appropriate. It factors in key information (so you don’t have to), such as clicks, conversions, keywords, inventory; and it automatically paces your campaigns.

It basically works around the clock, on your behalf – because even digital marketers need to sleep.

The most bang for your buck

Effortless optimization is just one piece of what AdVantage can deliver. There’s also the countless hours that digital marketers regain in their days, allowing them to focus on new initiatives and overall strategy.

Marketers also notice a substantial reduction in errors. And then there’s the incredible benefit of boosted confidence in campaigns (and company-wide kudos being thrown your way).

Making paid advertising easy is a core value of ours. This is why we exist, to take the headache out of it. And our entire engine hums along every day to achieve this goal, leveraging bright minds (hey, humans!), thoughtful ad taxonomy and powerful analytics to pull all the right pieces together.

Still skeptical? That’s good. That’s what dynamic optimization is all about.

We’ll also have you know that another core value of ours is transparency. So, we arm every client with ultra-detailed reporting and a nifty online dashboard, so you can track progress, report to your customers—and have sweet peace of mind—every day of the month.

Have a question about how dynamic optimization works? We’re here to help. Shoot us a message and we’ll take it from there.

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