Marketers Use Location Data for More Than Just Targeting

Ad targeting remains the most common use of location data, but a number of other popular uses of this data have emerged. Specifically, more marketers are realizing the potential of location data for insights and intelligence, measuring ad effectiveness and attribution.

According to a new survey of marketers and agencies, 67% used location data in the past year for targeting, 61% for insights and intelligence, 57% for measuring advertising effectiveness and 53% for attribution. Perceptions aligned with these usage figures. For example, 67% used location data for targeting and 61% said location data is important to improve targeting.

Though a number of issues still confront broader market adoption of location tactics (i.e., location accuracy, privacy and marketer understanding), these figures indicate that marketers are waking up to the versatility and utility of location data.

The data comes from the Mobile Marketing Association’s study titled, “How Marketers Are Using Location Data – And the Road Ahead” which surveyed over 400 marketers and agency respondents. To access the graphic above, click here

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