Marketers Get Creative with Interactive Ads, Boost Consumer Engagement

On the one hand, the rise of new media channels and devices has opened doors for exciting and interactive content.  On the other hand, it has slivered audiences into smaller groups, often making it more challenging to reach a significant audience.

Marketers are compensating for the narrower reach by increasing ad efficiency through greater response and engagement rates.  Targeting audiences to those most likely to respond to ads is one way of doing it (see 10 ways to use geo-targeting).  Another way is to coax engagement with compelling creatives.  One example below (Kontor digital turntable) resulted in an incredible 71% open rate.

It’s fascinating to witness the new ways marketers are thinking outside of the box, eclipsing the traditional 2-D static images of traditional advertising and redefining the term “interactive” from old school clickable ads.

Below are links to some of my favorite creatives that extend advertising to 3-D touch and feel and 4-D senses of taste and smell.  Interaction ranges from using an ad page as a solar cell phone charger to drinking water extracted from the air.

Context includes adopting real time images and integrating print and digital media together.  These videos demonstrate the incredible experience and the limitless creativity that new advertising media can ignite.  While these examples remain the exception and not the rule for marketing, the impact of memorable campaigns and high engagement may justify more use.

  1. Nivea combined promotion of its sun care skin products with the perfect way to never have to leave the beach to charge your phone – a solar charger. By covering the print page with solar panels and attaching a USB port, Nivea gave beach-goers a reason to stay out all day, protected by Nivea sunscreen and powered by its ad.

  1. Beverage and food companies Carlsberg, Coca Cola and Mr. Kipling incorporate taste into their ads. Carlsberg attached a beer tap (above) to their billboard while Coca Cola built a 4,500 foot straw that dispensed Coke Zero at the NCAA men’s Final Four competition earlier this year.  Kipling went one step further and made the entire billboard edible using 13,000 pieces of cake and icing.

  1. Kontor packaged a real vinyl record to distinguish their promo recordings with music producers. The packaging converted to a turntable that played recordings back using any smartphone as the needle.  The response was impressive with 71% of the Turntable QR Codes activated.  Who wouldn’t want that kind of click through rate?

  1. Lexus used Cineprint™ technology to combine two media – print and tablet – into one user experience.

  1. The University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) wanted to attract top students to its program. They combined an ad with a service that helped the Lima, Peru desert community with one of its major challenges.  UTEC’s billboard converted humid air into potable drinking water.

  1. Pepsi overlaid real video from a bus stop’s surroundings with cinema effects to blur reality for bus patrons.

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