Market Authority Finds Urban YP Usage Remains Strong

Market Authority

New research from analyst firm Market Authority shows that print Yellow Pages usage not only remains strong in rural areas, but is also a key player in the local search experience in urban areas as well.

Market Authority conducted more than 39,000 live interviews across the country with both urban and rural consumers. Their research found that perceptions of low print Yellow Pages usage among urbanites is “highly exaggerated.” The firm found that 67% of consumers in urban households report using the print directory at least occasionally when searching for local businesses.

Results from rural markets were even stronger, with nearly 90% of consumers interviewed reporting they use print directories at least occasionally when searching for local businesses. Across both urban and rural markets, Market Authority found that print usage skews much higher with baby boomers and seniors.

This report tracks closely with our most recent annual Local Media Tracking Survey, which was conducted by independent research firm Burke. The data, released this past July, showed that print and Internet Yellow Pages are highly consulted sources of local business information, with 74% of consumers in urban areas saying they searched a print or Internet Yellow Pages in the past year.  Our research also shows reach among consumers living in rural areas is stronger with 83% using print or Internet Yellow Pages in the past year.

“Our research suggests that print Yellow Pages should still be a key part of an SMB’s budget in urban areas and should still dominate the budget in a rural areas.” said Steve Sitton, president of Market Authority.

The research continues to demonstrates that a balanced, integrated and multi-platform approach to local advertising – and one that takes into account the ongoing value of print Yellow Pages – is essential to any local business market plan.

Click here to view the full news release from Market Authority.

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