Marc Tellier, Yellow Pages Group CEO: “Industry is at the Apex of Transformation”

Today Neg Norton sat down by a cozy electronic fireplace for a one-on-one conversation with Marc Tellier, president and CEO of Yellow Pages Group (YPG) to hear more about his successes, lessons learned and perspectives on our changing industry.

As Tellier said, “our industry is on the apex of transformation.” Marc wasn’t just speaking to the dramatic changes in capital structures and financial constructs at YPG, but also about the transformation around growth. Today’s industry is more competitive than ever, but he argues this is an advantage for our members.

Small businesses today are overwhelmed and underserved and this presents a real opportunity to help them guide the fragmented media space. Two-thirds of businesses in Canada want just one point of contact. YPG reaches 40% of Canadian businesses on one of their platforms, 65% of those businesses paying for one online product. Rather than a different sales contact for each platform, it’s easier for these customers to focus on their business by working with one rep representing all the different media channels available.

Today, more than 90% of YPG’s revenue comes from small businesses in Canada, but the large customers continue to play an important role helping to drive innovation. Through Mediatative, YPG’s digital advertising and marketing solutions provider, they are making sure to support the CMRs.

So what’s next?

YPG will continue to increase its focus on customer service platforms. YPG has made Canada’s list of Top 10 Corporate Cultures for five consecutive years, so it’s no surprise when Norton asked him what his proudest accomplishment was he said “culture.”

In a “do what you say, say what you do” atmosphere, the company rolled out their six core values: customer focus, competing to win, compassion, respect, open honest communication, teamwork.

YPG’s progress continues to be something we can celebrate and serves as a great example of how our industry is successfully embracing transformation. More to come!

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