MapQuest Collects 600M Data Points Per Day, Shares Insights During Webinar

During last week’s webinar, MapQuest’s Donnie Yancey, chief digital officer, and Elise Neel, head of sales, shared a few insights into consumer behavior using data pulled from the over 40 million users that utilize MapQuest’s platforms.  Specifically, they looked at the retail, auto, travel and dining categories.

Given the tremendous amount of consumer data, MapQuest attempts to understand how consumers consistently move between space and time to live out their daily lives.  According to Donnie and Elise, tracking and measuring this activity provides clues to better and more accurately understand and reach target consumers and gain competitive intel.

Here are just a few of the takeaways from the presentation:

  • MapQuest collects 600 million data points per day including lat/long, device id, speed, search, routes, bearing, etc.
  • In order to really understand location and apply it to anyone’s business you must have access to four things: 1. Location data; 2. User base; 3. Customer touch point either in-store or online; 4. Spatial context.
  • Users are up to 5x more likely to purchase a vehicle when they search or route to a used car dealer.
  • Around 96% of MapQuest’s user base is within a 7 mile radius of a McDonalds.
  • Today’s marketing opportunity is connecting location with the way consumers move through space and time.
  • Location data is the “holy grail” of consumer intelligence. WHERE you are defines WHO you are.

Check out the entire presentation below:

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