Many Brands Still Don’t Know about Location Intelligence

When I talk to companies doing location-based audience segmentation or offline attribution, such as PlaceIQ, Placed, xAd, YP, NinthDecimal, Factual, Verve, ThinkNear, UberMedia, Cubeiq and others, I routinely ask them: “do your customers understand this and its value?” Generally these days I hear that some agencies and brands are “starting to get it” or that customers are “getting more sophisticated.”

Indeed there are some brands that fully understand the value of location data and location intelligence and are utilizing it. However, somewhat surprisingly, most still do not. I’m currently attending a private customer event for Brandify, in which roughly 100 brand representatives are in attendance. There are lots of household names here and lots of enthusiasm.

Yesterday I moderated several sessions involving Foursquare, Sense360, Blue Cava and Circulate. The sessions were about using mobile devices to define audiences, gain competitive intelligence and do online-to-offline and cross-device attribution. These are major and critical topics in digital marketing.

The ability to see the entire customer journey from search to store is one of the most profound developments in marketing of the past decade.

It was pretty clear very early in these sessions that this stuff was news to most of the people in the room. I was very surprised. However, it’s good then that they’re getting exposure to these ideas and tactics.

It’s also the case that many brands are struggling — not unlike local business owners — with all the digital marketing requirements now confronting them. There was an excellent social media presentation yesterday by Curalate about localizing social media for retailers and others with multiple locations.

But the challenges of operationalizing these ideas and recommendations — creating unique local content across 8,200 locations for example — is really daunting for these folks. Sure they have household name recognition and more money, but in many ways their tasks are much more difficult and overwhelming than the local business owner who has only one or two locations to worry about.

Join us at The Place Conference and pre-conference agency workshop on 9/20 – 9/21 in Chicago. Location intelligence, indoor location and proximity marketing are what the event is all about.

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