Macy’s More Aggressively Promotes Its App and Indoor Location

Despite massive consumer in-store smartphone usage, most traditional retailers have yet to develop compelling apps. In an ideal world, a mobile app would operate as an in-store assistant that helps consumers find products, answer questions and check out.

Mostly that hasn’t happened. Whether because they didn’t fully “get it” or because of organizational issues, inertia or IT resistance, retailers have been slow to realize the vision of how apps could help them increase shopper satisfaction, basket size and loyalty.

With some notable exceptions most retailer apps historically have been small-screen e-commerce sites and not in-store assistants. However the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Yet, frustrated by poor app-user adoption and retention some retailers have even started backing away from apps, despite the fact that they represent the bulk of consumer time spent with mobile.

Macy's App
Macy's App

Macy’s is now making a much more aggressive push to get users (specifically those on its email list) to download its app. This is smart; these individuals (including me) are loyal or potentially loyal shoppers who are more likely to download and retain the app. And a good in-store mobile app experience could become a competitive “game changer” that would cause greater frequency at Macy’s vs. competitive retailer without a comparable app-based in-store experience.

The Macy’s collateral-images above come from an email I received today. The email is surprising for its depth and detail. It pretty extensively lays out the features and benefits of the Macy’s app, especially for the in-store shopper. It also explains how to configure Bluetooth and location services for use in the store.

The first screen above pitches downloading the app for in-store deal alerts — the most “basic” argument for a retailer app and in-store location. The second image is a bit of a primer on how to enable location-based notifications. Other screens, not pictured, sell the many benefits of using the app in stores.

Target, Macys and several other retailers are starting to realize how mobile devices are really central to effective omni-channel strategies. Mobile apps are not simply a nice-to-have complement to other digital channels. They’re a must-have core component increasingly synonymous with consumer brand perception.

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  1. There’s an ancillary benefit to this strategy. The use of the app makes it more likely to appear in each user’s phone SERPs (e.g. iOS Spotlight & Mobile Safari results).

  2. Greg Sterling says:

    In the mobile SERP correct?

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