#LSA19: Brand2Local Case Studies — Goldfish Swim School

On the final day of LSA19, employees from two well-known national brands, Goldfish Swim School and The Home Depot, discussed the challenges that national enterprises and franchises face when marketing to local consumers.

Ryan Allen, Marketing Tech Manager at Goldfish Swim School, and Jamie Adams, Chief Revenue Officer at Scorpion concentrated their portion of the presentation on how focusing on the basics (including the company’s website) dramatically improved visibility and conversions across franchise locations.

After brief introductions about each of the speaker’s companies, the pair quickly dove into the challenges that Goldfish swim school was facing as a franchise, “Prior to our relationship with Scorpion, we were really just advertising on Google and Facebook. We weren’t taking advantage of what else was out there,” said Ryan.

Ryan spoke on some of the issues Scorpion was able to help them with, including:

  • Quickly deploying, managing and measuring new customer acquisition campaigns via digital marketing
  • Driving brand messaging and awareness in a distributed franchise owner model at scale
  • Integrating digital presence platforms and marketing technology with CRM and customer data warehouse
  • Access to innovative and creative advertising strategies to help fuel growth

Ryan discussed the basic strategies that were executed to begin combating these issues. The company began conducting corporate and franchise location websites based on consumer research, as well as on-site and technical SEO. Additionally, they opted to focus on the user experience and journey, and on-page call to actions and content optimization.

“We’ve seen that everything from changing the color of buttons to changing the words on a call to action button make a different on a multi-location brand’s effort to convert leads and eventually customers,” said Jamie.

They discussed the locally targeted campaigns that Goldfish executed in order to generate leads and awareness beyond search. They utilized platforms like Facebook & Instagram, as well as YouTube, and created Gmail ads. They also leveraged things like retargeting and display ads and implemented a geo-fencing strategy.

Through these campaigns, they’ve yielded some positive results, including a 30% increase in brand search over a 12-month period, strong engagement with Gmail and retargeting ads, as well as seeing their promotion-focused creative convert better on social.

“We’re up against a couple obstacles here. But the brand itself plays very well into anything visual,” said Ryan. “Our brand is able to resonate with people in a very visual environment.”

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