#LSA18: The Story Behind the Waze Local Ad Solution

This morning at LSA18, Rob Bernton from Waze discussed the company’s recently launched self-service ad offering for SMBs: Waze Local. The company made it simple to provision and understand — based on feedback from SMBs and Rob explored their journey to the new product.

Before getting into the product story, Rob started by sharing some key usage stats, saying there are over 100 million active users on the app, and users spend on average 11 hours in the app.

He shared a slide that visualized the product roadmap to Waze Local with a little look at what’s coming, which includes a recently introduced agency and re-seller partner program:



To help inform the Waze Local offering, the company conducted a survey of over 800 SMBs. Rob said that SMBs had three primary needs that Waze Local seeks to satisfy:

  • Location Awareness & In-store Traffic: Waze offers a number of ad formats to help SMBs reach and engage nearby consumers including: Branded Pins, Promoted Search, and Zero-Speed Takeovers.
  • Simplicity: The Waze Local product is broken up into just two packages: Starter  (1-10 locations, $2/CPM) and Plus (1-50 locations, $100/CPM). The packages vary in the support, targeting capabilities and ad formats available.
  • Tracking & Reporting: Waze Local tracks impressions, clicks, navigations, call & URL and info button clicks. Waze Local Plus offers additional tracking capabilities for history navigations, save clicks, inbox impressions and inbox action clicks.

Rob left the audience with three key takeaways:

  1. Waze Local raises location awareness and brings drivers to local businesses. On average, businesses see 20.4% more monthly navigations.
  2. Introducing two new offerings Starter & Plus that meet small and medium businesses’ needs. Quick and easy.
  3. Waze Local gives businesses the ability to track and manage their ad campaigns in real-time.

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