#LSA18: Are the Next Digital Marketing Managers Going to be Robots? Probably.

The adoption of AI is on the rise everywhere — but will it become reliable and pervasive enough to actually become a member of your marketing team?

The answer from today’s “How Will AI Change Digital Marketing?” panel is a resounding yes. They advise that companies start to prepare now by laying the groundwork in their talent strategy.

The panel — featured Kelly Thomas Nojaim (VP, Partner Development at Microsoft), Alex Porter, (CEO of Location3), Phillip Rather, (Head of Local Partnerships at Facebook) and Martin Scholz (SVP Strategic Partnerships at location marketing company Uberall) — focused on assessing the impact of AI on digital marketing and advising marketers and media companies on how to adapt now for the changes that are coming.

AI is already a big part of marketing. Algorithm and machine learning-based bidding software for Google AdWords, for example, can achieve much better results than managing ad campaigns manually. Automations power smarter algorithms and will reduce a lot of past and current manual work in marketing, increasing efficiencies and lowering costs across the board.

Alex Porter from Location 3 says, “AI and machine learning will eliminate the mundane work – machines have the capacity to do this work – people can now focus more on the strategy side and data analysis.”

“AI opens up access to advanced digital marketing practices for businesses and enterprises with smaller budgets,” said Martin Scholz. “It makes PPC and Local Ad campaigns more achievable and attractive because platforms like mine can leverage AI to reduce minimum budget requirements by 10x.”

What does that mean for the marketing groups and agencies of the future? According to Scholz: “Companies will be moving employees from “click worker” jobs—where people are doing repeatedly the same task—and putting more money into things like programs and content. Agencies will be evolving those roles and investing more in advisory, client-facing roles like sales, education, service, or support.”

In regards to whether or not AI will change marketing roles, Kelly Nojaim said:

Definitely a huge opportunity to get beyond the daily grind beyond reports. AI and machine learning is about people getting a lot more creative and getting beyond the data. Collaboration and story-telling from the data because now they are able to see data from the machines. Data only tells you so much people will still be needed to interrupt the data.

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