LSA16: Thumbtack, Facebook, Google, Yelp, HubSpot to Address SMB Marketing & Retention

More than 90% of all US businesses have fewer than 20 employees. This is where the market opportunity resides for many digital marketing platforms, yet SMBs are notoriously difficult to educate, attract and retain.

New data suggest that SMBs are increasing digital marketing spending. Yet they’re often fickle and impatient; SMB advertisers will churn if they aren’t seeing “ROI” or outcomes they expect/planned for.

Despite high expectations, data show that nearly three-fourths of local businesses don’t use any tools or technology to measure the performance of their marketing. This contradiction or paradox is at the heart of the challenges inherent in working with SMB advertisers.

LSA16 brings a practical focus to sales, retention, product packaging and other critical issues facing SMB marketing providers. Some of these sessions include:

A Conversation with Jonathan Swanson, Co-Founder & President, Thumbtack
Jonathan will talk about the company’s founding and growth and how Thumbtack acquired more than 200,000 paying SMB customers with no sales force. (Thumbtack)

What the Data Say about Churn?
Google presents its latest research on small business advertiser churn, followed by a discussion of this still-pressing challenge. (Google)

Avoiding PPC Fails – Best Practices & Lessons Learned
What are the most common local PPC mistakes repeatedly made? And how can marketers improve efficiency and success whether handling PPC in-house or through a managed service? (AdMax Local, Matchcraft, Acquisio, Kenshoo)

How ReachLocal Boosted Retention by 50% in 12 Months
ReachLocal’s investments in client service have led to significant improvement in advertiser retention. By putting client experience at the center of every interaction, the company was able to boost retention by 50% in 12 months. ReachLocal’s Director of Strategic Client Services will explain the changes and how they impacted the company’s bottom line. (ReachLocal)

The Eye of the Funnel – Redefining the SMB Product Suite
For years local marketing providers have offered an evolving list of products: websites, SEO, social media, search, reputation, video and so on. Has this approach now run its course? Do we need a dramatically different framework for building and selling SMB marketing products and services? (Local Site Submit, Signpost, Camilyo, HubSpot)

SMBs Live: What Do Small Business Owners Really Want?
A live panel of local business owners discusses their attitudes toward digital marketing, their challenges and what they’d really like to see from marketing services providers.

Join the SMB marketing conversation at LSA16 in San Francisco March 7-9. Register today.

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