LSA16 Tech Sessions: Google, xAd, Foursquare, YP, Microsoft & More

At LSA16 (San Francisco March 7-9) we’re trying to be tactical/practical but equally focus on the future of location-based marketing. The first full day of LSA 16 is largely about local advertiser issues — retention, sales, product packaging. March 9 will focus on organizational culture issues (behind the product) but equally on technologies and platforms that could dramatically alter local search and location marketing:

Attribution Revolution The New Location Analytics
The click is dying and 2016 is the year that offline/location analytics go mainstream. This session explores the state of the art in location analytics and explains why all publishers, platforms and agencies will need to be able to demonstrate offline impact and optimize against real-world actions such as store visits and in-store sales. (xAd, Foursquare, YP)

Beacons, Loyalty and SMBs
How will beacons and other location analytics impact the small business market? Will these become essential tools to prove value to small business customers? (Belly & Yext)

Connected Cars: The Next Great Marketing Platform
Thinknear’s Loren Hillberg argues the “connected car” will become a new platform that offers marketers important new opportunities to reach consumers and will ultimately become “a medium on par with TV and mobile in terms of time spent.” (Thinknear)

Virtual & Augmented Reality: The Local Angle
With affordable consumer hardware the era of Virtual Reality has arrived. Microsoft, Magic Leap and others are also developing Augmented Reality experiences. How will these complementary but different technologies play out? Our panelists offer demos and provocative insights into VR + AR and how they could broadly affect local marketing. (Retale & Aisle411)

Virtual Assistants and A.I. Will Change Search Forever
The ways consumers interact with “search” is changing. The rise of voice UIs, predictive search, virtual assistants and artificial intelligence will forever change how we interact with devices and what they do for us – with all kinds of concrete marketing implications. (MindMeld, PingUp, TalkLocal & Microsoft)

In addition on March 7 we’ll hear from ConstantContant, Facebook and Google. ConstantContact will show off its automated Facebook integration. Facebook will discuss its Local Ads and analytics. And Google’s Chandu Thota will talk about beacons, the “Physical Web” and the future of location.

Join us at LSA16. You may be surprised how viable and “disruptive” some of these new technology tools and platforms will be. Register today.

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