LSA16 Speakers Reflect Breadth and Depth of Local Today

LSA16 continues to add speakers to the agenda as we approach the event in San Francisco March 7-9. The 28 new speakers added the past few weeks come from a mix of tech, media publisher and agency backgrounds, bringing a diverse array of perspectives to LSA16, which will be broader and more practical than past events.

The companies these speakers represent are as diverse as the speakers themselves. Some of the companies that will be represented on stage include xAd, Google, Thumbtack, Yelp, Foursquare, HubSpot, Microsoft, Mapquest and many more.

As we run through prep calls with these speakers over the next few weeks, we will expose more details here on the blog around what will be discussed during the sessions. During these calls we have also been coaching our speakers to provide practical recommendations while on stage at the event. Our intention is for the audience to leave LSA16 with insight that can be applied to their respective organizations.

In addition to the great sessions and speakers, we have a variety of non-traditional plans for the event. Here are some of those:

  • Videos of 2016 predictions from a variety of industry experts
  • Live SMB panel and video of SMB interviews taken from LSA Bootcamp
  • Tech Demo: Google, Eddystone and the Future of Location
  • Short Ad-to-Action Award finalist videos will be shown between sessions
  • Sales Workshop: 10 Fundamentals for Successful Sales & Service Organizations (“Leading Leaders”)
  • Special announcements

These are just a few of the highlights to expect from this year’s event and you won’t want to miss out. Click here to learn more.

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