LSA16: 11 Common PPC Mistakes

During a panel of pay-per-click (PPC) experts at LSA16, the group talked about the most common local PPC mistakes that are being repeatedly made and shared some tactics for improving efficiency and success with these campaigns.

Panelists included Ben Gibson of AdMax Local, Brad Petersen of MatchCraft, Marc Poirier of Acquisio and Nate Young of Kenshoo. They commented on the following PPC mistakes in sales, service and execution of campaigns.


  • Poor education of sales reps
  • Selling larger bundles advertisers who should buy smallest ones
  • Selling techniques not outcomes (e.g., discussing ad copy or keywords)
  • Not properly educating or providing clients with clear expectations
  • Selling “impressions” and “clicks” — clients want to hear how SEM drives business, and want proof


  • Not providing sufficient service to small accounts because there’s not enough margin
  • Not having sufficiently regular client contact to ensure understanding of value received
  • Inability to spot at-risk clients and improve campaigns before they cancel


  • Not able to track “real results” (concrete outcomes)
  • Using people to build and manage campaigns: inherently inefficient, drives poor results, costs too much
  • Badly set up or targeted campaigns, poor choice of inventory sources

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