LSA15: Tips for Selling Mobile to SMBs

Alison Callahan from UpSnap outlined the significant opportunity in the local space when it comes to mobile.  The company had traditionally focused on national sales, and needed a transition from national sales to local sales.  They entered the local space in April of last year and Alison shared some mobile advertising best practices and lessons learned as well as some case studies to support them.

  • Affordable price point: Local advertisers want the same local targeting and services as the large powerful brands but need something very affordable.  The focus needs to be not just on providing the advertising, but showing how the advertiser gets value.  This can be done utilizing customized ad design, customized ad targeting, and performance reporting.  So make sure you put a lot of emphasis on demonstrating value.
  • Stay local: Local advertisers have a small market so utilizing targeting technology to keep ads targeted to the right audience is critical.
  • Strong calls to action: Small businesses need less brand awareness and more ads that drive action.  So make sure to include strong calls to action in all ads.  This includes appropriate landing pages and promotions that are likewise targeted.
  • Be creative: Examples include after-hours ads for a school trying to attract students in the work force and targeting ads around hospitals for a personal injury lawyer.
  • Underpromise, over deliver: Explain to the client what to expect.  Educate the client so they understand your decisions and discuss things like:
    • Why mobile, why now
    • How mobile advertising works.
    • What you get with locally targeted mobile banner ads

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