LSA15: Serving the Small-Budget Marketer

Serving the small budget marketer and keeping them happy remains a challenge. With a focus on performance, Perry Evans of Closely, David Mihm of Moz and Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide discuss what the right mix of digital products is for low-budgets.

Many businesses want to spend $100-$200 per month and serving that budget profitably at times can be challenging.  Perry talked about a modular or iterative approach to the small budget marketer instead of aggressively selling a menu of products and services.

Perry’s flow for supporting the SMB is to help them get found, look attractive, nurture customers, acquire customers and digital operations. Before any paid advertising is considered, Perry felt all of those components are the building blocks of any digital presence.

“If you ask advertiser what is most effective, they will say word of mouth,” said Perry. “So why would you sell them advertising?”

To be more specific, David talked about the flow consisting of accurate business listing information online, website, email list, reviews and finally advertising.  He, like Perry, felt this modular approach was the best way to serve the small budget.

From the sales side, traditional outbound sales processes aren’t working anymore. Instead, both David and Perry talked about the importance of being a resource that provides free information with strong content marketing in order to help customer identify why they need.

Perry said that if you look at the funnel for acquiring and growing customer base, the cost is probably getting higher and higher from the traditional model. Therefore sales people are alienating themselves because they become more annoying to hit these goals. Perry suggested working from a position of trust and deep data around users.

Education is the primary funnel for new customers. They also felt that when you give DIY info for specific marketing tasks, more often than not, these companies discover that they need help.  Since they got the information from your organization, that is where they will go back to get support.

In regards to who is serving the small budget well, Perry said Yelp is absolutely #1 on list of things that SMBs need to stay on top of. Once Yelp makes ad products more digestible and make the value proposition less confusing/expensive, they will definitely become a viable option.

DIWM (do-it-with-me) companies are also starting to pop up offering around $300 per month products and services. In addition, the Google display network is still a good option.  David gave an example of a mortgage broker who spends $60 a month and gets two mortgages a month from it.

Overall, these small budget marketers need to be nurtured instead of sold to. Content marketing is a great way to get the process started for publishers and solution providers looking to sell products and services.

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