LSA15: Mobile and the Data Boom

There has been so much discussion about the mobile takeover.  Much of the discussion, however, focuses on the use of those devices to search for local products and services.  But the layer of captured data underneath consumer use is creating a huge opportunity for marketers and advertisers.

Bill Dinan of Telmetrics discussed the way marketers and advertisers are able to capture huge volumes of data. By 2020, there will be 44ZB (Zettabytes) of digital data.  That is 44 billion TB or 44 trillion GB. Or 44,000,000,000,000,000 MB.

Yet only 5% of businesses have made a fundamental shift in business practices as a result of big data.  The small number of businesses taking advantage of data to impact their business operations reveals that only a few really know how to use it.  Those who can harness data and make real changes to get ahead of competitors will flourish.

And in the local space, our challenge is taking this data and putting it to work for SMB’s. As the chairman of LSA, Bill discussed the ways the organization is helping members sort through and find relevant data and provide insights to take advantage of that data.  He shared a few ways to take advantage of LSA’s services:

  • Engage with our top tier research team that conducts surveys and studies to secure and supplement data on consumer behavior and business trends
  • Demo LSA Insights – a planning tool that uses data from past ad campaigns to predict future ad performance
  • Follow our LSA Local mobile trends study – a report on how consumers search for products and how they utilize technology on the path to purchase.

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