LSA15: Evolution of the YP Brand

Over the last few years, YP has been in the midst of a tremendous transformation in both products and services and branding. To talk through the evolution of the YP brand, CMO Allison Checchi and VP of Brand and Advertising Alex Kaminsky provided the rationale behind its evolving branding and consumer marketing campaigns.

To kick of the session, they shared some new videos including an example from the #MakeEveryDayLocal campaign they are currently running.

The brand is crafting a series of messages for what appears to be three audiences: national advertisers, SMBs and consumers.  Each message is dramatically different but all center around the importance and belief in connecting consumers and local businesses.

Allison talked about the importance of indicating and connoting the new yellow pages, but not losing the long standing tradition and consumer recognition of the brand. In addition, she talked about the importance of having a strong product.

She said that if YP makes promises regarding its products and services, they need to deliver on those promises for the messages to carry any weight.

Alex talked about the transitory nature of media and technology but the permanence of what it means to be a human. For that reason, the notion of helping people get things done is an evergreen concept and one that the company plans on continuing to push.

He added that part of the journey is to convince people that YP is a really powerful idea and not just a platform.  With this kind of brand activity and all that is involved, they have a stronger creative services group in order to help people better understand the brand both internally and externally.

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