LSA|14 Speaker Spotlight: Gian Fulgoni, comScore Co-Founder and Chairman

Gian Fulgoni, chairman and co-founder, comScore.

Today’s Speaker Spotlight features Gian Fulgoni, co-founder and chairman of comScore.  Gian will be a keynote speaker for the 2014 Local Search Association Conference in Huntington Beach, Calif., April 27-29, and we are really looking forward to his session.

Gian brings a wealth of insights from comScore’s massive research database and will provide some local data points that we can all learn from. After all, research can provide the edge that helps marketers avoid trends and follow ROI.

We got a chance to ask Gian a few questions about his upcoming session for LSA|14 and here is what he had to say:

What are the key topics you’ll discuss during your session?
I’ll be reviewing consumers’ path to purchase and how it’s being impacted by both digital and legacy marketing. Of particular importance is the role of mobile devices.

What about your session are you most excited about?
I’m fascinated by marketing insights that are gleaned from data and sharing that learning.

Why is it important that attendees not miss your session?
While digital is changing marketing in fundamental ways, it’s important that we also understand “the truths that transcend change.” It’s all too easy to forget the lessons of the past in today’s rapidly-changing digital world and in my session I want to serve as a transition agent who bridges the digital and legacy worlds. You might call me “the keeper of the flame.”

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