LSA|14 Speaker Spotlight: George Leith, VP of Sales, VendAsta Technologies

George Leith, VP of Sales, VendAsta Technologies

Today’s Speaker Spotlight features George Leith, VP of sales at VendAsta Technologies.  George will be participating in an Idea Lab at the 2014 Local Search Association Conference in Huntington Beach, Calif., April 27-29, and we are really looking forward to the session.

Our Idea Lab sessions are designed to be intimate, smaller focus groups that dive into topics that are impacting the local advertising space.  George’s session, “4 Ways Reputation Management Drives Growth and Profitability,” will explore how reputation management is driving conversion rates, compressing call appointment times, reducing churn and leading to value-added bundling.

Laura Cole, VP of marketing at The Berry Company, and Collin Holmes, founder and CEO at Chatmeter, will also participate in the session.

We asked George to share a preview of the session, and here is what he had to say:

What are the key topics you’ll discuss during your session?
A business’ virtual doorway is more important than their actual doorway.  It is time for businesses to pivot their attention to what consumers see when there is a “knock” on the virtual doorway of any business.

What about your session are you most excited about?
I get very passionate about helping media companies deliver this VITAL service to SMB’s.  It is an education process for business people as well as a service.  We have an enormous opportunity to truly become consultants and help business people with one of the biggest issues facing them today, their online reputation.

Why is it important that attendees not miss your session?
There are lots of product people out there that do great presentations about digital products.  My presentation will not be about product, it will be about HOW TO SELL the deliverables of that product to an end business.  If you want to learn how to sell “online reputation management” to a business person, after this session you will have the roadmap.

Click here for more information and to register for the LSA|14 conference.

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