LSA|14: LSA Chairman Bill Dinan: ‘Local is More Important Than Ever’

In his welcoming remarks here at the 2014 LSA annual conference, LSA Chairman Bill Dinan said that local is more important than ever.

Bill described how people are inherently local and want help reaching the businesses that are most important to them. He talked about how mobile is fundamentally local – with more than 50% of mobile searches having local intent, and 90% of mobile users taking action after a local search. He also noted how mobile local and mobile national are intertwined – each providing value to consumers at the moment when it matters most.

Bill said that the proliferation of multi-screen use is amplifying local opportunities. He said marketers today have great opportunity to reach consumers in the Last Mile – or in the final stretch of the path to purchase. He said that multi-screen use is increasing campaign complexibity, but also helping consumers move down the Last Mile faster than ever before.

Bill said that the big data coming out of local is providing tremendous insights for consumer connections and conversions. He said that the ability of marketers to leverage big data to reach consumers at the end of the funnel is the next frontier in local.

Bill closed his remarks by talking about the great changes that have taken place at the Local Search Association over the past year – including the introduction of new Board members and the addition of a variety of new members. Bill said that LSA is operating at the center of the local mobile intersection and that it is comprised of all the key partners in the space. He said great things were ahead for LSA and its members in the year ahead.

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