LSA|14: Four Tips from a National Advertiser

The national advertiser perspective is an ever-popular topic at the LSA conference, with insights helping guide LSA members in sales and program development efforts.

Alexis Nahama, vice president marketing, VCA Animal Hospital, gave the audience four tips for working with him and other national advertisers.  VCA is the leading provider of pet health care services in the country with a nationwide clinical laboratory system and over 600 free-standing animal hospitals in 41 U.S. states and Canada.

Nahama, who uses a mix of print and digital technologies to support the business, offered the conference attendees four tips to working with him:

    1. Provide incremental ROI: To demonstrate confidence in your service or technology, offer a pilot.  It’s more credible than having the “perfect” solution up front.
    2. Respect my time: Avoiding cold calling.  Nahama says he often gets voicemails where a company is trying to present their “leading solution.”  He does not find the cold calling approach to be an effective way to reach a national advertiser and demonstrate an understanding of their needs.
    3. Get to the point: Nahama says companies spend too much time sending white papers and other emails where he can’t even tell what they want from him.
    4. Come recommended: Nahama suggested that if word of mouth and positive reviews are an absolute must for local businesses to be successful, there’s no reason that rule doesn’t apply to the local industry too.  He suggested having CMOs and other clients ready to be a reference and help promote your solutions.


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