LSA Members in the Business of Local: CallRail

CallRail, based in Atlanta, GA, provides call tracking and analytics services to more than 15,000 businesses and marketing agencies in the United States and Canada. CallRail’s easy-to-use cloud platform helps business owners discover which marketing campaigns and search keywords are driving valuable phone calls. Businesses use the call analytics to optimize advertising campaigns, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

We caught up with Mark Sullivan, director of analytics at CallRail, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does CallRail solve? How?
We allow businesses of all sizes to understand the results that their ad campaigns drive through the most important, and often overlooked, channel: the telephone.  Before CallRail, call tracking was expensive, complex, and out of reach for most small businesses.  Now it’s possible for businesses to understand which ads, marketing campaigns, and even search keywords are driving valuable phone calls.

What makes CallRail innovative?
We’ve pushed the envelope of what is possible with phone call analytics — not only can our customers know which campaigns and keywords are driving calls, we can provide full multi-channel campaign attribution for accurate analysis of phone calls that were driven through multiple advertising campaigns.  A complete timeline of visitor activity completes the picture by showing exactly what a website visitor did before, during and after the phone call. 

How does CallRail make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
CallRail develops cutting-edge call tracking & analytics tools for local businesses. These tools not only allow SMBs and their marketing agencies to get better results from local search campaigns, they also help the local consumers downstream who would rather not waste their time calling businesses that don’t offer what they need. We’ve also recently released our real-time call intelligence tool, CallRail Copilot, allowing businesses to access in depth information about whose calling as the call takes place.

What is next in local?
​The biggest shift taking place right now revolves around smarter local ad targeting. After so many years of the search industry focusing on getting enterprise brands in front of searching consumers, it’s time for the right local vendor to get the right search visibility in front of the right people next door.

For more information check out the infographic below, or contact Mark Sullivan, director of analytics at CallRail, at

CallRail: Voice to Voice Marketing from Local Search Association

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