LSA Member Innovation in Local: Veloxsites

This week, we hear from Veloxsites, a digital services provider that has automated the production of responsive websites for small businesses. They work with companies that are strategically motivated to acquire and retain SMB customers. The company’s patented automated site creation platform drives impressive take rates by SMBs that want an online presence that is fast, easy, and simple.

We caught up with Paul Engels, CEO at Veloxsites, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Veloxsites solve? How?
Many local businesses remain unseen online by their ideal customers because they lack an effective online presence and the skills and time to acquire one. Service providers such as business directories have tried to help – but the cost of provisioning a small business site is prohibitive.

With a U.S.-patented technology and a uniquely analytical approach to SMB success and digital best practices, we’re able to automate the creation and provisioning of thousands of customized websites, instantly for service providers. SMB gets an immediate and effective online presence – and service providers get a profitable service model that boosts revenues and reduces churn. Do It Yourself (DIY) is an onerous time-sink for small businesses. The Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) process is costly and cumbersome for service providers. Veloxsites is all about D-O-N-E!

What makes Veloxsites innovative?
Our automation has fully transformed the paradigm of businesses that are struggling to build their own website (DIY). Likewise we’ve re-invented the challenging and unprofitable “DIFM” alternative. Industry jargon like “drag & drop” and “WYSIWYG” simply leave small business operators cold and unimpressed. Low take rates prove that they aren’t buying into these models.

The Veloxsites innovation has fully transformed the outdated manual paradigm for website creation.

How does Veloxsites make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
SMBs win by getting an instant, effective online presence with the least possible effort. Service providers win with a custom-branded, turnkey, profitable digital services revenue stream. Automated provisioning eliminates barriers to adoption that plague the traditional website creation industry.

What is next in local?
As more businesses get a web presence their attention is turning to succeeding in digital marketing. They want results from their website, mobile (responsive) site, directory syndication and associated services. For Veloxsites and its service provider clients, this spells opportunity! The same automation that provisioned an online presence for the SMB can be applied to improving that presence to generate consumer traffic, leads, sales and enhanced consumer loyalty.

For more information check out the infographic below. Also, you can contact Veloxsites at 416-484-1461, send an email to, or connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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