LSA Member Innovation in Local:

Today, we are excited to introduce a new weekly column, “LSA Member Innovation in Local,” that will highlight the ways our member companies are contributing to the next generation of local advertising and marketing. With our more than 300 members in 30+ countries, we look forward to profiling the innovative and forward-thinking solutions our member companies are bringing to market.

For our first column, we hear from, a programmatic marketing platform for local media. enables local media publishers and networks to go beyond reselling generic audience targeting solutions and begin innovating by creating proprietary products that cannot be replicated by their competitors.

We caught up with Donny Dye, VP of strategic partnerships at, to learn more about his company and what they are working on:

What local problem(s) does solve? How?
Until, the efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic media buying was unavailable to local advertisers who typically have small budgets and hyper-targeted audiences. Unlike other programmatic marketing platforms that rely on pre-packaged audience segments, uses unstructured data which allows us to build custom, fluid audiences that meet the specific needs of the local advertiser as well as automate the optimization of high volumes of small campaigns.

What makes innovative?
We understand the unique needs of the local media reseller.  For many of the local media properties we work with, it’s really just a matter of introducing a superior solution for audience targeting, partnering with revenue owners to create unique products for their markets and then training and supporting the field sales teams. While our technology is programmatic, our approach is personal–that’s what really has made us an innovative player in this space.

How does make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers? understands that your core products are the foundation of your property’s success. Our solutions complement those products–print, television, radio, OOH, direct mail or digital–to increase the revenue they bring to your organization, instead of cannibalizing that revenue. We respect the power of local advertising and the long-standing relationships our clients have with their advertisers. We’re supporting those relationships by creating even more shared value.

What is next in local?
We’re excited about last mile advertising–those campaigns that drive actions that translate into real-world business success for a local businesses. We recently integrated mobile and video real-time bidding exchanges into our already robust display RTB ecosystem. When we combine that with our ability to do hyperlocal geotargeting and instant recency targeting we can really help the local advertiser swing the doors, turn the tables and ring the register.

To learn more check out the deck below and if you have any questions can contact Donny at

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