LSA Member Innovation in Local: Sightly

This week we hear from Sightly, a video advertising technology company, providing brands, local businesses and their marketing partners the ability to deliver personalized ads to micro-targeted audiences in hyper-local areas on every device through YouTube and other online networks.

We caught up with Robert Helstrom, VP of marketing and strategy at Sightly, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Sightly solve? How?
We solve a problem all businesses face: how to easily and affordably reach the right customer, with the right message, at the right time, in the right place…on every device they use today, including mobile. And we do it using the most powerful advertising channel there is—the “holy grail” of sight, sound and motion—video.

What makes Sightly innovative?
We combine all of the following elements in one platform:

  • Response-Boosting Personalized Ads—We help advertisers and their marketing service partners create online video commercials that increase response rates as much as 200%, by automatically inserting localized content such as contact info, locator maps, deals, specials and more.
  • Premium Multi-Screen Video Ad Network—We deliver video ads across all screens including mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. through YouTube, the world’s largest, most popular premium video network, the second most popular mobile app and the second largest search engine.
  • Push-Button Campaign Creation & Management—Set up local accounts and campaign parameters in minutes. Our TargetView™ Local platform automatically launches all locations, manages their bids and budgets and optimizes them based on objectives.
  • Scalable, High-Volume Campaign Automation—Make the impossible possible. TargetView Local reduces hours of effort to just minutes, making it scalable and affordable to create and deliver tailored ads and campaigns for thousands of local businesses or multi-local brands.

How does Sightly make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Our mission is to rid the world of annoying commercials, i.e., ads that are irrelevant to us because who we are, where we are, what we like to do, etc.

Imagine instead that every commercial you see is created just for you, the device you’re watching it on, at the moment you’re watching it. And think about how that level of relevancy will forever change how we view and interact with advertising. Instead of being annoying, they become interesting, informative—even entertaining.

That’s the vision Sightly is making a reality.

What is next in local?
The ability for local marketing partners to deliver an easy to use, affordable video ad creation, campaign provisioning and management service to SMBs and multi-local brands will democratize multi-screen video advertising for local businesses and empower them to drive greater awareness and customer acquisition.

For more info visit, email Brock Flint, SVP sales & business development at, or check out the case study below.

Case Study

The digital marketing agency Marquette Group wanted to build a national branding campaign at the local level for its client, leading national insurance company Nationwide Insurance. So it turned to Sightly to create personalized online video ad campaigns for a select group of Nationwide agents. Download Google’s case study of the Sightly-Nationwide Insurance campaign here.

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