LSA Member Innovation in Local: Rio SEO

This week we hear from Rio SEO, a local search technology provider that helps leading brands and international retailers drive web and mobile traffic to their location listings on all major search engines, social networks, and data aggregators.  Today, Rio SEO’s Store Finder, Mobile Store Finder and the industries only International Listing Management software powers over 100,000 location listings for top department stores, pharmacies, sporting goods, auto parts, and other multi-location retailers or service businesses.

We caught up with Karisa Macias, marketing manager at Rio SEO, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Rio SEO solve? How?
Multi-location businesses face unique challenges in the management, optimization, and distribution of local business listing information. Accuracy is critical for every business, but those with a large number of locations must also master scale. It’s easy to get bogged down in spreadsheets and a hodgepodge of tools, but with Rio SEO’s web based local CMS you can quickly increase the accuracy of your local business listings and optimize accurate bulk local business data feeds to available directories through a single platform.

Managing listings from a single CMS reduces your time investment, ensures local data accuracy, and helps you increase local search rankings. This approach can grow a local search presence and ultimately achieve the lowest cost per visitor for your multi-location business.

What makes Rio SEO innovative?
Rio SEO’s local search platform is the only local CMS to offer international local listing management for hundreds or thousands of locations. With the added value of roll-up reporting, our platform shows valuable KPIs across listings, traffic, reviews, citations, and more. For users, our unique filtering system allows marketers to make essential updates and syndicate local data in subsets by store type, geographic region, or any other specified segments.

How does Rio SEO make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Rio SEO’s platform helps businesses maintain consistent location data and local landing pages that provide searchers with the most up-to-date information when looking for their brand or products/services. Through best practice local SEO our platform provides key indicators relevant to search engines, online directories, and mobile devices, while delivering the highest quality end user experience.

What is next in local?
As search becomes more and more focused on local indicators such as IP address, proximity, and device type, additional elements like real-time products are going to be integrated into search results. The next evolution for multi-location brands is targeting local consumers with localized products in stock that fulfill searchers need at the hyper-local level.

Google’s latest algorithm update improved results by distance ranking parameters, and some reports have shown that results are displaying for a much smaller radius. So, the time is now to start thinking even more local in your local SEO strategy.

The personalization trend that we’re currently seeing is still in the early stages. Google’s rate of innovation far outweighs the rate of adoption among users and businesses. The ability to improve local personalized results is mostly hindered by the process of testing, optimization and user adoption. Moving forward, each day users will see more personalized local results, exactly when they need them.

For more information visit, sign up for Rio’s newsletter, schedule a demo, register for tomorrow’s webinar “How to Maximize Local Search Traffic This Holiday Season,” or check out the video below.

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