LSA Member Innovation in Local: PaperG

This week we hear from PaperG, an advertising technology provider that makes it easy to build and distribute cross-device display ads. Companies like Time Warner Cable, Dex Media and Charter Media rely on PaperG to make display advertising work for local advertisers.

We caught up with Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does PaperG solve? How?
Display advertising has historically been an effective branding and customer acquisition channel for only national advertisers. The difficulty and costs of producing, distributing and optimizing the ads were too high for local advertisers.

In addition, with the proliferation of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.) and platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), display advertising has only grown in importance and in use by national advertisers. PaperG’s technology makes it easy for anyone to build, distribute, and optimize ads now — including local advertisers.

What makes PaperG innovative?
PaperG is first in many areas because of our focus on technology as the problem-solver. We are the #1 display ad platform for local because we actually made it possible for sales reps to make their own spec ad — whereas all other ad creation solutions focused only on designers.

We are the first creative platform for teams because we realized that as display got more complicated, more teams were involved in a campaign but each new hand off introduced delays. To get a display campaign off the ground today, you often need a client services team, a campaign manager, an ad ops team, and a production team — that’s a lot of teams.  Consequently, we built a way for teams to work together on a campaign without creating more work for other teams or delaying other teams.

How does PaperG make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
We make the Internet much more local and relevant to consumers by making it possible for local advertisers to get on the websites that consumers spend 95%+ of their time on. Now instead of seeing some junky belly fat reduction ad, we make it possible for you to see high-quality looking ads from your local business which you are much more likely to care about and engage with. We want the ads on the Internet to be much better designed and localized.

What is next in local?
Local is going to see a surge in display advertising opportunities.

  • First, we’re just starting to see smaller advertisers take advantage of “re-targeting” in which they can serve display ads to consumers who have visited their website. It used to cost too much money to build the ad creative and target these consumers but now it’s possible.
  • Second, we’re seeing new forms of display advertising emerge like Facebook which have a lot of interesting new targeting data but also new creative formats.
  • Last, we’re beginning to witness search re-targeting take off where you can target display ads based on what people previously searched for on search engines.

These new targeting abilities will continue to drive digital ad spend on display from the local advertising market.

To learn more, visit or check out the video below.

PaperG Demo Video from PaperG on Vimeo.

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