LSA Member Innovation in Local: Moasis

This week we hear from Moasis.  Headquartered in San Francisco, Moasis combines deep knowledge in both the practices of marketing and the technologies disrupting today’s information ecosystem. They have developed a platform based on the fusion of location data and multi-screen delivery, with the flexibility to weather the ongoing change in digital media and local marketing.  

We caught up with Tim Garcia, VP of business development and emerging markets at Moasis, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Moasis solve? How?
It’s our mission to unify and simplify local mobile marketing, and create new possibilities for marketers and businesses of all sizes.  Moasis understands that mobile advertising can be cumbersome and confusing. We simplified mobile advertising by connecting businesses with nearby consumers based on their specific Geo-Grid™ location.

What makes Moasis innovative?
Our Geo-Grid™ (see video below) is the only patented location targeting and optimizing grid solution in the market.  Unlike other geo-fencing solutions, the Geo-Grid is unique because the business and advertiser can: 

  • Redefine how they target a location:  The Geo-Grid can deliver to conversion rather than to the click.  No more growing and shrinking of a geo-fence. The marketer can serve creative anywhere and everywhere they want.
  • Redefine how they optimize:  The Geo-Grid is a real-time location optimization tool that allows the advertiser to know what’s working and not working within a location and adjust on the fly.   This eliminates poor performing impressions without wasting money.
  • Redefine how campaigns are planned:  The Geo-Grid enables the marketer to layer 1st party data and 3rd party data for permanent capture and historical reference.   Utilizing the essential targeting data combined with location empowers the marketer to make the most of their campaign.

How does Moasis make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Geo-Grid™ is purpose-built to bring the power of location to our customers. Our technology gives advertisers the ability to bid nationally or down to individual cells and is an approach that is truly unique with defined borders that enables logic and scalability. In addition, not only can large advertisers and brands use the Geo-Grid to their advantage, but we have also leveled the playing field and given the Small Business the opportunity to reach their mobile consumers by leveraging sophisticated mobile technology in a simple manner.  

What is next in local?
Just as consumer and demographic data is changing by the minute, geo-fencing is becoming more sophisticated, to the point where machine learning is critical to keep up with the data. Understanding consumer segmentation in an area is important enough that it needs a place to live and evolve, especially when first-party data or immediate consumer behavior is collected at the point of engagement. “Local” is becoming more effective and automated every day with location intelligence.

Optimization and performance can be the foundation for that real-time decision making process and, in the end, yields the best results.

For more information visit, email or check out the videos below.

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