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For today’s member innovation, we hear from Kenshoo, a global leader in predictive marketing software. Brands, agencies and developers use Kenshoo Search, Kenshoo Social, Adquant by Kenshoo, Kenshoo Local, Kenshoo SmartPath, Kenshoo Halogen, and Kenshoo Anywhere to direct more than $200 billion in annualized client sales revenue through the platform. Kenshoo is the only Facebook strategic Preferred Marketing Developer with native API solutions for ads across Facebook, FBX, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Yahoo Japan, Bing, Baidu and CityGrid.

We caught up with Tiffany Miller, director business development, local, at Kenshoo, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Kenshoo solve? How?
Kenshoo Local is a leading digital marketing platform for managing high volumes of SEM campaigns for SMBs — while keeping a laser-focus on results. Kenshoo Local’s tailored functionality empowers local marketers to more efficiently and effectively manage search, CityGrid and other paid channels.

Specifically, Kenshoo Local addresses the challenges of complex, large-scale campaigns, resource constraints, and mass management by:

  • Accelerating client on-boarding through automated account and campaign creation to simplify workflow;
  • Improving productivity and scale to manage more clients with fewer resources with ad template libraries and reports;
  • Offering flexible budget and objectives management tools to increase efficiency and keep campaigns on track;
  • Increasing value and reach with mass creation of geo-targeted campaigns.

What makes Kenshoo innovative?
Innovation is at the core of Kenshoo’s culture. We are committed to investing at least 50% of our resources into R&D, which is almost twice the average of the typical software company.

Kenshoo has a unique and rich heritage of being first-to-market in key areas of digital marketing technology, including innovations such as:

  • Call Conversion Optimization: Algorithmically optimize bids based on the keywords that generate the most profitable calls.
  • Place Page Syndication: Build, manage, and distribute individual place pages across hundreds of local networks alongside paid search listings.
  • Dynamic, Multi-Touch Attribution: Tie attribution to bidding to improve campaign performance by automatically adjusting budgets and bids based on the actual value of each ad placement.
  • Intent-Driven Audiences: Match consumer search activity to Facebook user profiles for precise cross-channel audience targeting, based on intent data.

Our innovation is fueled by a deep understanding of the market requirement of our clients and their feedback that helps drive our roadmap. We believe that what sets Kenshoo apart is that we are able to turn client input into innovative value-driving functionality.

How does Kenshoo make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Kenshoo Local provides a simplified, powerful, and scalable solution for advertisers, agencies, and directories, enabling them to:

  • Speed up new client onboarding with automated account/campaign creation;
  • Keep campaigns on pace with flexible budget management tools;
  • Improve management of many clients with fewer resources using template libraries and reports.

Specially, Kenshoo enables local agencies to increase ARPU with leading SEM automation software. Using Kenshoo, local agencies are able to ramp up SEM services without relying on an incremental increase in operational resources to handle the scale.  SMBs benefit from the enterprise-class performance and algorithmic efficiency that Kenshoo has developed to drive success at scale.

With unique functionality like Call Conversion Optimization and key partnerships with CityGrid and others, Kenshoo Local can help address not only online, but also connect the dots to the offline environment.

What is next in local?
Technology innovations are enabling local search to evolve to benefit both consumers and advertisers. Improved local data collection has led to more insightful activation to tailor messages, connect with audiences across channels and devices, and increase speed to market — and this is likely to become more refined as we learn more and the industry continues to innovate.

The future of local for agencies means further automation to enable these agencies to manage clients and account from a portfolio view, rather than at the client level.  The opportunity to differentiate services and interject value in the process will be defined by the agency strategy, but the technology will support the automation required to manage a profitable SEM business at scale.

To learn more about Kenshoo Local check out the resources below or visit You can also contact them via their website, get in touch through social media or email

Other Resources
Kenshoo has several resources geared toward local marketers including the following:

  • The Kenshoo Guide to Local Search highlights the local digital landscape, challenges for different types of local marketers, best practices for success, and trends in local;
  • This Kenshoo Local overview shares more about the company’s local search software;
  • Case studies with GuiaMais and Sq1 showcase examples of client work.

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