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This week we hear from Ifbyphone, a software provider that enables businesses and agencies to prove and improve marketing ROI by tracking and managing phone leads from any source, including search. For local search specifically, Ifbyphone gives the power to measure PPC ad effectiveness and optimize ROI by not only tracking inbound calls (and the revenue they generate) back to the specific keywords, ads, landing pages, and campaigns that originated them, but also by routing those calls optimally to the right store, office, or sales agent right away.

In addition to the company’s upcoming webinar, we caught up with Ifbyphone’s Demand Generation Manager Blair Symes to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Ifbyphone solve? How?
25% of searches take place on mobile devices today, and that number is expected to surpass PC search by 2015. As search goes mobile, it’s important for marketers and SEM agencies to understand that when smartphone users find a business, they aren’t converting by filling out a web form – they’re calling.

Thanks to click-to-call, Google reports that 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call. 30 billion sales calls were made to businesses in the U.S. last year from mobile search, and that number is expected to reach 75 billion by 2018 (BIA/Kelsey, 2014). Google also reports that half of all mobile searches have local intent.

To compete on search engines like Google and Bing in today’s mobile world, you can’t afford to ignore phone calls in your analytics. Search has become too competitive, and the stakes are too high. It’s why search marketers are now in a race to adopt solutions to measure and control calls the same way they do web conversions.

Keyword-level call tracking solutions like Ifbyphone provide the critical missing piece to your marketing analytics puzzle. While competitors try to outmaneuver you using inaccurate and incomplete SEO and PPC data, you can use call attribution data from Ifbyphone to see what keywords and PPC ad and landing page variations are driving calls, opportunities, and revenue. You can then drive more calls and revenue by optimizing PPC campaigns and bid strategies for the most lucrative keywords, while simultaneously cutting spend on search terms, ads, and landing pages that aren’t driving calls and sales.

What makes Ifbyphone innovative?
While several companies offer call tracking solutions, only Ifbyphone provides keyword-level call tracking plus a full suite of call routing, scoring, and management tools that work once the call comes in to help you optimize ROI from search:

  • Best-in-class reporting available any time: Real-time cloud-based reports gives you detailed insightful on calls you won’t find anywhere else, including call duration, caller’s geography, what web pages they viewed before calling, and more.
  • Integrates with the software you rely on: Include call tracking data in Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, Google AdWords, Salesforce CRM, and bid management tools like Kenshoo, Acquisio, and Marin Software.
  • Filter out bad calls: Send callers to a virtual receptionist first to weed out the ones that aren’t right for sales agents.
  • Score call quality: Use call scoring tools that measure conversation quality for you, record calls to prove value, and more.
  • Route calls optimally: Ifbyphone will automatically route calls based on factors you decide, such as time of day, what PPC campaign drove the call, and caller location. This last piece includes technology called geo-location that uses cell triangulation to route mobile callers to the closest store, office, or agent.
  • Manage call agent activity: Monitor and record call activity for the entire salesforce regardless of agent location, device, or phone system.

How does Ifbyphone make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Ifbyphone enables advertisers to truly understand how your search marketing generates calls and revenue, either for your own business or for your clients. That data can be used to prove your value to execs or clients and to improve PPC performance to generate better ROI. For consumers, instead of waiting on hold, Ifbyphone’s call scoring technology can provide them with helpful automated phone menus for things like business hours, store locations, or account information right away. It can also route their calls directly to their closest store right away, so they don’t waste time with annoying transfers.

What is next in local?
Calls are what’s now and what’s next. For local search and e-commerce, calls are everything, thanks to smartphones and the rise in mobile search volumes. Search marketers and SEM agencies need to provide callers with a first-class call experience, and that requires tools to handle what happens once calls come in, and that integrate call tracking data with the other marketing applications you rely on to analyze and improve performance. Ifbyphone is the only call tracking provider that has them.

To learn more about Ifbyphone register for the company’s upcoming webinar, visit the Ifbyphone website or email them at

SourceTrak™ Call Tracking Software From Ifbyphone from Ifbyphone on Vimeo.

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