LSA Member Innovation in Local: Driven Local

This week we hear from Driven Local, a digital marketing agency offering comprehensive digital advertising solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Driven Local has made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in 2012, 2013 and 2014.  The company’s product set includes, SEM, SEO (aka Web Presence Optimization or WPO), social marketing, listings management, animated videos, SMB videos, and custom responsive websites. White label services are offered as well.

We caught up with Kevin Szypula, Driven Local CEO, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does Driven Local solve? How?
SMBs are too busy to keep up with the ever changing digital landscape.  A major problem for SMBs is that they are often sold promises of digital solutions that are relying on over-automated fulfilment and relatively high margins.  The results are often wasted spend, confusing reports and a bad experience. 

Driven Local uses a combination of human optimization, automation and over communication to ensure our results match the clients goals.  This approach has earned Driven Local one of the lowest account churn rates amongst its peers.

What makes Driven Local innovative?
Driven Local is always on the lookout for products that work, not just products with higher margins.  Our philosophy is to have products available to our clients that we would use ourselves if we owned a SMB.  That is our test.

How does Driven Local make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
Driven Local spends an inordinate amount of time working with businesses, so that they understand what they are getting, and why we are doing what we do.  For account retention, it is crucial that the amount of confusion is kept to a minimum and the client is onboard with the execution of their digital strategy. 

What is next in local?
More Change. More fragmentation.  More opportunity for Digital Agencies and providers. Major players will start to evolve and become the true trusted companies in the space. Others, that did not evolve and provide true service, will disappear.

To learn more visit, check out the video below, or you can contact Kevin directly at

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