LSA Member Innovation in Local: BuzzBoard

This week we hear from BuzzBoard, a powerful cloud based sales enablement and customer engagement platform which combines intelligence, technology and functionality into a single, easy to use, tool; driving shorter sales cycles and increased conversions. BuzzBoard runs on iOS and Android as well as the Web making it an essential sales tool for both field and inside sales professionals. BuzzBoard is not a CRM platform.

We caught up with Neal Polachek, industry advisor to BuzzBoard, to learn more:

What local problem(s) does BuzzBoard solve? How?
BuzzBoard brings buyers and sellers together in a way that creates confidence, fosters trust, and delivers better results for all.

It begins with a conversation and shared experience: buyers and sellers sitting together to look at a visually-rich dashboard of data-driven facts, implications, and potential opportunities. The seller is focused on the conversation, listening to the client’s needs, offering perfectly timed, highly customized recommendations.

At the same time, the buyer is amazed by what they can now see and understand. The transparency of the interaction brings buyers into the process – so they become part of the solution from the beginning. BuzzBoard shows buyers what’s not working – and what they can do to solve it.

For sellers, BuzzBoard is the ultimate support team: a single source for planning, tracking, research, competitive analysis, and proposal generation, all backed by solid data and market intelligence. Sellers understand their prospects, know what to recommend, and why – and do so confidently.

Buyers benefit because, perhaps for the first time ever, the seller is able to focus on the buyer’s specific needs. Recommendations are based on data, facts and the buyer’s business rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The buyer sees what their competitors are doing, understand the potential opportunity, and know how to take decisive action. Guesswork and blind trust become a thing of the past.

What makes BuzzBoard innovative?
In our industry, we’re not just a thought leader—we’re redefining the ‘sales enablement’ category to streamline the sales process, replacing a disjointed, fragmented set of selling tools with an elegant, unified solution. We enlighten with data, ignite conversations, and bring new opportunities into reach.

How does BuzzBoard make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers?
We enable the “advertiser” to buy the right solution of media products to ensure that the “consumer” gets the most accurate and helpful local buying information available. We are helping remove the many digital disconnects in the local media space.

What’s next in local?
BuzzBoard knows that “vertical” insights are the path forward and BuzzBoard enables sales professionals to conduct their customer and prospect conversations with substantive and meaningful vertical or category information and analysis.

For more information or speak to someone at BuzzBoard please email, visit their website or check out the video below.

In addition, Neal worked with LSA’s Greg Sterling to develop a report titled, “Local Media Sales in 2020 – Platforms, Profits or People?”  The report considers how local sales will evolve over the next 6 years and is packed with insights, analysis and strategic implications from senior sales leaders operating in the local media space. For access to the free report CLICK HERE.

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