LSA Directories Online To Incorporate New Enhancements in 2013

As we kick off 2013, we’re pleased to announce new enhancements to LSA Directories Online (DOL) that will make the database more robust and productive. These enhancements, which follow changes made last October, will be introduced throughout the first quarter. The first of the changes were implemented this past weekend with the addition of the new YP Section Heading Box.

YP Section Heading Box

When reviewing the Yellow Pages section of a directory on the Page View screen, a new Heading Box will appear to the right of the directory page. This feature will compliment the Page View heading search for potential alternative headings.

The heading box will initially display, in blue print, the first heading found on the page followed by a list of up to the next ten headings. If the page is advanced by increasing the page number or by using the “Page >” button, the first heading found on the selected page will appear in blue print preceded by the previous five headings and followed by the next five headings. By clicking on any of the headings shown, DOL will display the page the selected heading appears on while updating the heading list to reflect the selected heading.

A user can also enter an abbreviated heading in the Heading field on the Page View screen and the Heading Box will update to reflect the first heading that begins with the characters entered.  For those instances where a heading is long, such as with the Physician headings, the heading list will appear truncated. Simply position the mouse pointer near the heading to display it in its entirety.

Additional Enhancements

This weekend, we implemented a refinement to the “Include Cover” toggle switch function. The ‘Include Cover’ toggle will now print one cover per directory instead of a cover for each heading selected. With this enhancement, users will no longer receive a cover for each heading printed when printing multiple headings.

Other DOL enhancements in the works include:

  • A Save Page icon will be added to the Page View screen
  • The coverage tab on the “Search” screen will be updated to reflect relevant countries of directories loaded to Directories Online
  • The Directory tab on the “Search” screen will be update updated to reflect relevant languages of directories loaded to Directories Online
  • The layout of the Search Results screen will be modified by eliminating redundancy in column headers and grouping directories where no match to the search criteria is found
  • A Pub Date drop-down menu on the Directory tab on the ‘Search’ screen will be incorporated to allow users to search directories by publication date
  • A “Select All” toggle switch on the Directory Search Results screen will be added to allow users to select all directories in the search criteria and not just the first 100 directories. Note that users will still be limited to searching 250 directories at one time.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to contact our DOL experts Kevin Kalinowski ( or Ed Halasz (

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