LSA Directories Online Launches Enhanced New Features

Over the weekend, LSA Directories Online was updated with some exciting new features.

As many of you know, our LSA Directories Online database serves as a single source for accessing print directory tear pages in a standardized format. Currently, with more than 8,000 directories featured, the tear page library is an important tool for our CMR community to review tear pages for competition, positioning and potential new advertising opportunities for their clients. This library also services local sales representatives by providing easy access to their company’s directories.

Our updated features, which were adopted based on user feedback complied in a recent survey, include:

  • Enhanced Display in Heading/Listing Search: When using the alphabet letter search method on the Heading/Listing Search and Saved Headings screens, a drop-down menu of all headings will now appear instead of the numeric range that currently appears when more than 15 headings are returned to the Available Heading box.  Users will now have yet another way to quickly and easily find the heading they are interested in.
  • Addition of ‘Select All’ Feature: The Search Results and Cart screens are also being enhanced with a ‘Select All’ toggle check-box to allow you to select all directories and headings displayed on the page with one toggle instead of manually selecting each directory/heading one at a time when you want to print or download the page.  Note the ‘Select All’ function applies to the page you are currently viewing and will reset to the off position if you move to subsequent pages.
  • Include Cover Feature: In addition to the ‘Select All’ toggle check-box, the Search Results and Cart screens will now include an ‘Include Cover’ (Incl. Cover) toggle check-box.  In the past, to obtain a copy of the directory cover with your print or download request you were required to check the ‘Incl. Cover’ toggle for each heading.  With this enhancement, you can set the Include Cover toggle once, per page, and the directory cover will be delivered with the directory/headings.

We are excited to launch these enhancements to LSA Directories Online and look forward to our members’ continued feedback.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, feel free to contact my team including Kevin Kalinowski ( and Ed Halasz (

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